Archived programs 2001  
Saturday 27 January 2001

Oude Muziek Koor Arnhem

Saturday 10 March 2001

Sunday 6 May 2001

Monteverdi Chamber Choir

Sunday 3 June 2001

Flute Concerto

Saturday 23 June 2001

Sunday 1 July 2001

Powell River Youth Choir

Sunday 5 August 2001

Concerto for Soprano and Organ

Sunday 26 August 2001

The Musical Assembly, Ukranian choir for church mu

Sunday 2 September 2001

Bach cantatas by Capella di San Pietro

Saturday 3 November 2001

Hugo Distler - Totentanz

Saturday 8 December 2001

Folia (dance)


The Nicolaïkerk (St. Nicholas church) is a medieval church in the southern part of the old city of Utrecht in the Netherlands. This building is the home of two very interesting instruments, the organ built by Marcussen and the carillon built by the famous Hemony brothers (17th century). These instruments are the backbone for a series of concerts, which are organised each year by the Stichting Culturele Evenementen Nicolaïkerk (Foundation for Cultural Events in the Nicolaïkerk ).

Duration of the concerts is approx. 45 minutes.
Tickets are sold at the entrance of the church, doors open half an hour before concert start time. No reservation is needed.

For the current program you can browse our program agenda.

The Nicolaikerk is located at the Nicolaaskerkhof in the inner city of Utrecht (See city map Utrecht).


Sunday 5 August 2001 11.45 hours - Nicolaïkerk

Sunday 5 August 2001
11.45 hours - Nicolaïkerk

Concerto for Soprano and Organ



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